Newcastle Mines Grouting Fund

We administer the Newcastle Mines Grouting Fund (NMGF), a $17-million NSW Government Fund established in 2015 as a pilot program. In September 2018, the Government announced that the fund would be ongoing for the next four years. A review is now underway.

The NMGF initiative is designed to complement Government’s wider city centre revitalisation program and helps mitigate risk associated with mine subsidence. It acts like an insurance policy that applies after the cost of grouting exceeds a certain threshold. This reduces uncertainty and risk associated with building in the city centre mine subsidence zone and encourages new multi-storey housing and commercial development. For information about NMGF, please see the information documents in the links below.

Fund under review

We are currently working with experts from Government and industry to determine whether the NMGF is still meeting its objectives and creating the necessary benefits for the city. The review findings will be published in late-2022.

For more information and assistance, read the Review Terms of Reference or contact HCCDC on [email protected] and (02) 4904 2750.


Mines Grouting Map and Legend

The Fund only applies to a defined area of the Newcastle CBD, as shown above.
Developers can apply to have their project included in the Fund if it falls within the defined area.


Mine subsidence district maps
The district maps below provide a more detailed view of each area. 

Documents and forms

Review the Newcastle Mines Grouting work flow chart to better understand the application and work flow process before submission. It provides an easy to follow step by step visual of both the planning and delivery phase. 

To apply:

  1.   Complete the NMGF application form
  2.   Email applications to: [email protected]

To enquire about the Newcastle Mines Grouting Fund: