Completed seawalls pave the way for new waterfront promenades

The Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) has completed a major seawall project in Honeysuckle, replacing decades-old maritime infrastructure to pave the way for enviable waterfront promenades.

Over the last two years, 177,000 tonnes of rock have been placed along the harbour’s edge, creating a foundation for public domain and wide public walkways in the coming years.

Acting Chief Executive Valentina Misevska said the completion of works was a milestone for the precinct and a significant step towards creating highly desirable community outcomes.

“As locals, we know how much the Newcastle community enjoys our stunning waterfront, and we are pleased to finish this project and start preparing for new public domain near Worth Place as the next major infrastructure project.

“Bit by bit, we are transforming these industrial spaces into places that people will be keen to visit, spend time at and be part of,” said Ms Misevska.

Throughout the works, over 500 metres of wharves and seawalls were upgraded or replaced using locally quarried rock, as well as 8000 tonnes of recycled concrete from the demolished structures.

Ms Misevska said that the project represents a major investment back into our community and its workers.

“At the moment, our projects are also providing much-needed employment and confidence for the construction and other industries.”

Building world-class places from the ground up is a unique privilege and Ms Misevska said HCCDC was committed to getting it right.

“We are continuing to deliver these works to establish strong foundations for long-term future uses.”

HCCDC is also continuing with other major multi-million-dollar works in the Honeysuckle precinct, including straightening Honeysuckle Drive, naturalising Cottage Creek and improving streetscapes and verges.

In 2019, HCCDC announced the Honeysuckle Public Domain Concept Plan, which outlined designs for the final landscaping of Honeysuckle’s western end.

“All of this work is paving the way for a highly liveable waterfront city that will attract people to visit, live, stay and play.

“We are making good progress, and there is a lot to look forward to,” said Ms Misevska.

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