Disclosure Log

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act), NSW agencies are required to keep a record (a ‘disclosure log’) of information about formal applications received under the Act.

Our disclosure log is a record of information that HCCDC has released in response to a formal application from an individual or organisation that HCCDC believes could also be of interest to other members of the public. HCCDC will include only non-personal information on the log.

The disclosure log sets out the date the decision was made to release the information; a description of the information released; and details about whether that information is currently available online and how it can be accessed.

The log lists the information requested, relevant to a specific time and may not contain the most  up-to-date version of the information.

In deciding to release information in response to a GIPA access application, consistent with the GIPA Act consideration is to be given to personal factors of the application as outlined in section 55 of the GIPA Act. For instance, where other members of the public request access to the released information described on the disclosure log, HCCDC may delete certain information relating to the original applicant’s personal information; business, commercial, professional or financial interests; research carried out by or on behalf of the applicant; or information concerning the affairs of another government department or agency.

The disclosure log will be updated as additional information is released under the GIPA Act.