Community engagement

Honeysuckle West

We are committed to creating great places in Honeysuckle

The urban transformation of Honeysuckle is continuing, with the invigoration and future development of the remaining parcels of land at the western end of the city.

In 2020 HCCDC invited the community to be part of the Honeysuckle Ideas community engagement program, to understand community and stakeholder aspirations for the future use and function of the remaining lands at Honeysuckle West. 

The community was invited to join the conversation and share ideas that encourage improved social, economic and environmental outcomes.


The final themes and objectives were finalised in collaboration with HCCDC to ensure the feedback gathered was reflective of the community engagement. The project themes are:

Honeysuckle Ideas - Magnetic Destination


Uses that create a vibrant lifestyle precinct with attractions and offerings that encourage people to visit, join in and linger from the ground level to the rooftops.

Honeysuckle Ideas - Natural Environment


Multi-use spaces that feature natural green elements in, on and around buildings and infrastructure that supports biodiversity and a connection with the natural elements of the area.

Honeysuckle Ideas - Economy


A diverse mix of business offerings and opportunities that creates jobs and supports a vibrant, inclusive and successful commercial and visitor economy, with activity day and night.

Honeysuckle Ideas - Connections


A well-connected precinct with buildings and infrastructure that showcase and enhance access and views towards the river and harbour, while enabling and encouraging active transport and easy connectivity to transport nodes, waterfront promenades and city attractions.

Honeysuckle Ideas - Heritage


Future uses and functions that celebrate the region’s heritage and connect people to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history and the city’s cultural, maritime and industrial roots.

Honeysuckle Ideas - Excellence


Innovative, iconic and exciting buildings that feature design excellence in built structures, environmental sustainability, safety and accessibility for all.

Project objectives

The following project objectives will guide the future divestment of the Throsby and Wickham land parcels:

Icon Magnetic


Create a magnetic mixed-use destination

A landmark precinct that attracts people to work, live and play

Icon Connected


Create a great place that is connected

An enviable destination that links people to transport, place and the waterfront

Icon Heritage


Respect and acknowledge heritage and culture

Care for Country and embrace the unique culture and history of Newcastle’s waterfront

Icon Sustainability


Demonstrates excellence in design and sustainability

Quality urban and architectural design incorporating best practice sustainability

Icon Accessible


Be people focused and accessible

A place for the whole community


What's next

The Outcomes Report and Objectives will be used to inform ongoing project decision making as we work to realise an exciting outcome for the final parcels of Honeysuckle lands.

Over coming years, HCCDC will work to divest the remaining parcels of land in Honeysuckle to create great places that will underpin the growth of the western CBD, and become a vibrant destination that the community can enjoy and be proud of.

More information:

Honeysuckle Ideas - Vibrancy

    Q: Why is community input important for the development of the final parcels of Honeysuckle land?

    A: We are continuing the significant urban transformation of the Honeysuckle precinct and are looking for community input about how people want to see the final western end of the precinct emerge, with special focus on environmental, social and economic outcomes. It's important the community has the opportunity to provide input to help shape the final stage of Honeysuckle’s transformation so that we can deliver thriving spaces for everyone to live, work and enjoy.


    Q: What land is part of this engagement process? 

    A: The vacant lands are in the Honeysuckle precinct, near the Newcastle Interchange. The remaining lands are divided by Honeysuckle Drive, and extend from the light rail depot on the southern side right to the waterfront on the northern side. 

    Honeysuckle West


    Q:  What is the allowable use and building heights in Honeysuckle West?

    A: The site known as Throsby in purple is zoned as B4 Mixed-Use allowing for a mixture of compatible land uses that support nearby commercial centres. This includes things such as office, residential and retail. The planning controls allow for a building height of 30m along the foreshore promenade and 45m along the edge of Honeysuckle Drive. This is around 10 storeys along the promenade and 15 storeys along Honeysuckle Drive. The area known as Wickham in gold is zoned as B3 Commercial Core allowing for employment and community uses such as retail, business, office, entertainment, community, and other suitable land uses that serve the needs of the local and wider community. The planning control allows for a building height of 90m which is around 30 storeys.  


    Q: There is already a public domain plan for the area, will I have the opportunity to comment on open spaces?

    A: Feedback is limited to the parcels of land identified in the project area map. Extensive consultation has already taken place to develop the Honeysuckle Foreshore Public Domain Plan


    Areas or topics that were not a part of the community engagement program:

    • Ideas focused outside the project area 
    • Ideas that relate to the non-development of the land (including retention of temporary car park and re-use or removal of existing buildings)
    • Recommendations to change zoning, height of buildings or density
    • Ideas relating to on-water development/uses
    • Reuse opportunities for the former Wickham School of Arts building.