Honeysuckle West

HCCDC is committed to continuing to create great places in Honeysuckle and we are excited about the ongoing transformation of this significant precinct.

The final parcels of land located at the western edge of Honeysuckle will catalyse the new western CBD, and become a truly enviable destination nestled between city and harbour, and surrounded by quality public domain.

Currently, these parcels of land provide temporary car parking until a future use is identified and include the former Wickham School of Arts building, which is listed in the Newcastle Local Environment Plan (LEP) as a heritage item with local significance.

This final transformation of Honeysuckle lands will be managed in a progressive manner over coming years, with HCCDC proposing to take sites to market as part of achieving the ambitious vision for the precinct and city evolution.

Honeysuckle West

Community engagement

In 2020, we invited the community to share their ideas and aspirations for how the final development of Honeysuckle lands should emerge, with a special focus on social, economic and environmental outcomes.

The final three hectares of land has the potential to transform Honeysuckle West into an iconic gateway to the city as the future CBD, and the community identified bold and ambitious objectives that will guide the future divestment of the Throsby and Wickham land parcels.

Honeysuckle Ideas:

The site and zoning

Honeysuckle West represents the final lands to be transformed in Honeysuckle, and is located at the far western end of the precinct, adjacent to the Newcastle Interchange. 

Throsby and Wickham

The 3.3HA site is divided by Honeysuckle Drive. The land on the northern side of Honeysuckle Drive bordering the harbour is referred to as ‘Throsby’ (shaded purple) while the site close to Newcastle Interchange (shaded yellow) is known as ‘Wickham’.

In the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012 (NLEP 2012), 'Throsby' is zoned for mixed-use including things such as office, residential and retail while 'Wickham' is zoned for commercial outcomes including employment, retail, business, office, entertainment, and community uses.

Public Domain

The remaining lands also features public domain, which will be transformed by HCCDC in line with the Honeysuckle Public Domain Concept Plan.

The planning controls for the site are overseen by City of Newcastle.

Honeysuckle West


B4 Mixed-use zoning allowing for a mixture of compatible land uses (such as office residential and retail) that support nearby commercial centres.


  • 30m water’s edge 
  • 45m along the edge of Honeysuckle Drive

Size:  2.2 hectares



B3 Commercial Core zoning allowing for employment and community uses such as retail, business, office, entertainment, community, and other suitable land uses that serve the needs of the local and wider community

Height:  90m

Size:  1.1 hectares

Wickham School of Arts

The former Wickham School of Arts building sits within the final Honeysuckle lands earmarked for future divestment. HCCDC purchased the building from City of Newcastle in 2008. The building currently has high levels of hazardous materials and is not safe for community access or use in its present form.

The building is listed in the Newcastle Local Environment Plan (LEP) as a heritage item with local significance. 

City of Newcastle Council recently approved our DA for repair works to the former Wickham School of Arts building. These works will include removing hazardous materials, removing non-heritage components, adding a new roof, and making the building water-tight until a future use is known.

These works will help improve the viability of the building for a potential future use as we progress plans for divestment. 

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