Kooragang Island

Waste Emplacement Facility,
Area 2 Closure Works

Project Approval Documents and Management Plans


In accordance with the requirements of the Commonwealth Approval (2016/7670, dated 22 March 2019), condition 13 requires that all plans associated with the approved action are to be published. The relevant plans referred to within the KIWEF Area 2 Closure Works Commonwealth Approval are provided below:


01. Decision on Approval Letter (EPBC Ref 2016/7670, dated 22 March 2019)

02. Notice of Conditions of Approval (EPBC Ref 2016/7670, dated 22 March 2019)

03. 2016/7670 Attachment A, Map 1 – The Proposed Action Footprint

04. 2016/7670 Attachment A, Map 2 – Known and Potential GGBF Habitat

05. 2016/7670 Attachment A, Map 3 – KIWEF Surrender Notice Boundary

06. KIWEF Area 2 Closure Works, Preliminary Documentation Package

07. Revegetation Management Plan

08. Water Quality Management Plan

09. KIWEF Area 2 Closure Works, Construction Environmental Management Framework

10. KIWEF GGBF Management Plan


The project has also been assessed under relevant state legislation. The NSW assessment system approval documents include the following:

11. Review of Environmental Factors - KIWEF Area 2 Closure Works

12. KIWEF Area 2 Closure Works – Addendum Review of Environmental Factors