Mount Penang works

Baxter Track works underway

Baxter Track is being replaced with a sealed public road, as part of essential infrastructure works to unlock the Mount Penang Parklands. 

Improvements also include the addition of a shared pedestrian footpath/cycleway, lighting and the planting of more than 50 native trees.

This stage of works will improve the connection between the Frank Baxter Youth Justice Centre and Kangoo Road.

When combined with further works later in 2022, they will create a new access point for the Parklands, helping to ease traffic congestion at peak times.


Mount Penang Infrastructure Works -Baxter Track Mar 22

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Working with local people

Tuggerah's Bolte Civil is undertaking the works, building on their excellent track record of civil projects across the Central Coast and beyond. The team comprises of a diverse workforce with a five-day work week, encouraging a healthier work-life balance for all.

Keeping Mount Penang Green

Work on Baxter Track is being undertaken in accordance with a Review of Environmental Factors, including a biodiversity assessment and individual tree arborist assessment. Any trees removed have been considered for environmental value and assessed to ensure that there is no fauna inhabiting them.

Working with Heritage Council of NSW and Central Coast Council, we are planting two new trees for every one removed. These will include Smooth-barked Apple Gums, native trees common to the area.


Smooth-barked Apple Gum

Works to upgrade Baxter Track are now underway.

Access to Mount Penang Parklands will not be impacted by the works. All construction access to Baxter Track will be via Kangoo Road.

Works on Baxter Track are expected to be completed in late-2022, weather permitting.

The new road will be dedicated as a public road to Central Coast Council for future management and maintenance. When linked with upgrades to Parklands Road, Baxter Track will create a second vehicle access point for Mount Penang, helping to ease traffic congestion.

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