Mount Penang works

Essential infrastructure improvements


Following on from the Festival Drive and The Avenue road upgrades, we’re now undertaking significant works to improve the access to the Parklands, as well as pedestrian and motorist safety throughout the precinct.

The road network has been extensively reviewed to identify improvements which will reduce the impact of vehicles on the sensitive heritage areas and improve the safety and amenity for all site users.

Works to upgrade the water and sewer services to the Mount Penang Parklands site are also underway. The current program builds on the works undertaken since 2019 to provide mains water and sewer connections for the site.

Parklands Road upgrade and extension

Works will soon start to extend Parklands Road to meet the upgraded Baxter Track, enabling an additional access point to the Parklands. The road will be upgraded to provide for two-way traffic in the southern and northern sections, with a one-way road alongside the dam to protect the significant heritage trees and buildings in this area. 

As well as improving traffic flow, these works will include planting new trees and gardens, additional car parks and dedicated bus parking, improved pedestrian safety and shared pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

These works will be executed in accordance with an REF which will be published once the final version is approved.

The Avenue, Carinya Avenue and McCabe Road 

We’re making changes to the access along The Avenue to provide for a shared zone in the heritage core of the site, along with changes to Carinya Avenue and McCabe Road. These works will protect the heritage buildings and key pedestrian movement areas.

Mount Penang infrastructure works map

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Baxter Track works underway


Works to upgrade the existing Baxter Track, in the north of the Parklands, will provide a new access to both the Parklands and Department of Community and Justice facilities from Kangoo Road.

The new sealed public road will include a shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, lighting and the planting of more than 50 native trees. Works will be completed later in 2022.

Tuggerah's Bolte Civil is undertaking the works, building on their excellent track record of civil projects across the Central Coast and beyond. The team comprises of a diverse workforce with a five-day work week, encouraging a healthier work-life balance for all.

Baxter Track works

Works in Mount Penang are sensitive to the precinct’s environmental and cultural significance.

These road works are being undertaken in accordance with a Review of Environmental Factors (REF), including a biodiversity assessment and individual tree arborist assessment. Any removed trees are being replaced at a ratio of 2:1 and extra trees are being planted to line the road – more than 50 in total. The final version of the REF will be published on this website once available. 

We’re using recycled coal ash in the road base on Baxter Track. This is a by-product of coal burning and is strong, lightweight and free-draining. As well as less coal ash going to waste, this means we’re using less quarried and manufactured products, reducing processing emissions.

Once complete, the works will enable more active transport options, with cycle and pedestrian paths making it safer and easier to get around, and fewer cars in the precinct.

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Frequently asked questions

Works to upgrade Baxter Track are now underway. Works to Parklands Road and the broader network are undergoing design and approvals and are likely to start later in 2022.

HCCDC will work with the contractors to ensure that access to Mount Penang Parklands is maintained. There will be changes to the access as the projects progress and we ask for your patience as we make these changes.

Works on Baxter Track are expected to be completed in late-2022, weather permitting.

The Parklands and other roadworks will be completed in early 2023.

The infrastructure works are works permitted without consent under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Transport and Infrastructure) 2021.  

The proponent and the determining authority for this matter is Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation. As the determining authority, HCCDC must consider the environmental impact of the proposal consistent with the requirements of Part 5 of the Act.

The primary legislation relevant to the evaluation of this activity is:

  • Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979; and
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021.

Approval under the Heritage Act 1977 is being sought as appropriate.

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More about Mount Penang:

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