Current works

Steel Lane car park

More car parking will be available in the Newcastle CBD this month, with work almost complete in Steel Lane, near the Honeysuckle Light Rail stop.

The permanent car park will include accessible parking and motorcycle spaces. As well as providing easier access to the Light Rail, the space will provide additional parking for visitors to Honeysuckle, the Newcastle TAFE campus and NSW Department of Health building.

Parking will be paid and timed, making more spaces available for short-term visitors.

Steel Lane

Access to Steel Lane is currently closed - see the map below for affected areas. Access to driveways and garages, along with pedestrian access through Kuwumi Place, will be maintained during construction.

The carpark is expected to open to the public in October 2019.

People currently using the space as an unofficial car park will need to make alternate arrangements during construction. Information on CBD parking alternatives can be found here.

Steel Lane aerial view

  • Car park upgrade commencement notice - view PDF