Honeysuckle works

New amenities for Honeysuckle Park

Construction underway

We're working with City of Newcastle (CN) to deliver permanent public amenities at Honeysuckle Park.   

The new amenities will be constructed east of the children’s playground, as shown on this page. The building will consist of two wheelchair accessible unisex toilets with baby change facilities, to better cater for everyone at this popular destination. 

New access pathways will also be constructed to connect the existing promenade to the new building. 

Amenities construction underway

HCCDC has engaged Daracon Group to construct the new amenities and sewer line. A new sewer line has been installed in Worth Place to connect to the future amenities.

Construction of the amenities building in Honeysuckle Park started in September 2022 and is expected to be completed in January 2023.

The temporary toilets will remain open during the works.  

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Review of Environmental Factors 

HCCDC looked at a number of sites for the amenities, consulted with nearby residents to discuss the proposal and completed an options analysis to determine the best location for the amenities.  

We completed a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to assess the project’s environmental and community impact, and invited feedback on the REF from mid-May to mid-June 2022.  

All feedback received was considered and our response to submissions is incorporated in the final REF



Artists impression of proposed Honeysuckle Park amenities

Q. Why are public toilets needed at Honeysuckle Park?  
A. Accessible public toilet facilities are needed in Honeysuckle Park to provide for park visitors and users of the waterfront promenade. With a children’s playground, picnic tables and barbeque facilities, visitors are likely to stay for extended periods of time and require access to public toilets nearby.  

HCCDC has installed temporary toilets while planning for the permanent amenities.  

Q. What is the purpose of the Review of Environmental Factors?  
A. The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) considers the potential impacts of the construction and operation of the permanent amenities, including impacts to the environment, nearby residents and people who use and access the site. The REF also identifies actions to avoid or mitigate identified impacts. 

Q. What facilities will be available?  
A. The proposed permanent amenities feature two wheelchair accessible unisex toilets with a baby change station in each. Internal hand basins are provided as well as an external hand basin.  

Q. What will the toilets look like?  
A. The design of the proposed toilets complements the surrounding park structures and is intended to match the existing BBQ shelters. View the proposed amenities design.

Q. What other potential toilet locations were considered?  
A. HCCDC considered a number of potential toilet locations within the broader Honeysuckle public domain (between Cottage Creek and Workshop Way), noting public amenities are already planned for Tree of Knowledge Park to the west.   

The general location was narrowed down to the Honeysuckle Park area and further assessment resulted in a preferred site being selected. The locations considered are outlined in the Review of Environmental Factors.  

Q. How were the potential toilet locations assessed?    
A. HCCDC considered the following criteria when assessing the potential locations for the permanent toilets:   

  • Visual impacts – sight lines for residents and visual impacts on the foreshore   
  • Odour impacts to residents   
  • Safety and crime prevention elements – visibility, accessibility    
  • Utility availability – access to sewer, water, electrical and communications   
  • Construction impacts on existing assets – trees, footpaths, structures and utilities    
  • Proximity to Honeysuckle Park and promenade – to provide for park/public domain users  
  • Land ownership.   

Q. What consultation has occurred?  
A. HCCDC has consulted with City of Newcastle and nearby residents about the permanent toilet location and design. The consultation is outlined in the Review of Environmental Factors, which was on public exhibition from Tuesday 17 May to Monday 13 June 2022. A response to submissions received during the public exhibition period is included in section 5.3.  

Q. When will the toilets be built?  
A. HCCDC has engaged Daracon Group to construct the permanent amenities, including the installation of a sewer pipeline along Worth Place to connect to the amenities. Construction started in August 2022 and is expected to be completed in early 2023. 

Q. Who is the determining authority for the proposal?  
A. HCCDC is the determining authority for the proposal and prepared the REF under Part 5 of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act).  

Timeline for Honeysuckle Park permanent toilets project

Foreshore promenade and Cottage Creek work

We're delivering the next stage of Honeysuckle's public domain

Current works

Work is underway to construct the next stage of Honeysuckle's public domain alongside Cottage Creek. This new community space between Honeysuckle Drive and Newcastle Harbour is expected to open in early 2023 and includes mature trees and native grasses, connecting pathways, new bench seating and exciting public art.

Complete works

We completed Honeysuckle's new harbourside promenade in mid-2022. The newest section of promenade connects 11km of uninterrupted coastal pathways from Wickham to Merewether Beach, and features a pedestrian and cycle bridge over Cottage Creek, native plantings, seating and water bubblers.

We also reinstated a connection that extends further west to Wickham Marina, so locals and visitors can continue to walk, cycle, jog or scoot along the water's edge.

We collaborated with Hunter Water to deliver improved public open space and a more natural looking Cottage Creek between the harbour and light rail. The concrete walls were replaced with attractive tiered sandstone and native plantings were added to soften the creek's edge, creating a welcoming community space.

The Cottage Creek works were funded by HCCDC, Hunter Water and grants from the NSW Government’s Newcastle Port Community Contribution Fund.

Next steps

HCCDC will complete the final treatment of the promenade and public domain to the east and west of Cottage Creek in stages, to coincide with the surrounding developments.

Completed and future works

Map showing completed and future works for Honeysuckle promenade and Cottage Creek project

Honeysuckle HQ

The final Honeysuckle lands to be transformed

Honeysuckle HQ represents the final lands to be transformed in Honeysuckle. It sits at the far western edge of the precinct and is made up of two parcels of land: Honeysuckle Quays, located on the waterfront side of Honeysuckle Drive, and Honeysuckle Quarter on the city side.

On the city side sits the former Wickham School of Arts building, which has undergone repairs to give it the best possible chance of being repurposed. The remaining land provides temporary car parking until a future use is identified.

We’re seeking an experienced development partner to transform Honeysuckle HQ into a magnetic and vibrant destination, where the new CBD meets the waterfront.  

This process is being managed in a progressive manner, with shortlisted development partners now participating in a final design stage. We expect to announce the successful partner late 2023.

Other private sector developments

Delivering new homes, jobs and economic activity

DOMA's Huntington Apartments completed


35 Honeysuckle Drive

Doma’s newly completed Huntington development features 86 apartments and 1500m2 of ground-floor retail space. It is surrounded by attractive public open space that integrates with the picturesque Honeysuckle harbourfront delivered by HCCDC. 

Developer: Doma Group

Status: Construction completed November 2022

Chris Farrington,
(02) 6260 7750

[email protected]

Project website

University of Newcastle Q Building Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle City Campus

The University of Newcastle is significantly expanding its city centre presence with its Honeysuckle City Campus Development. The masterplan for this 10-year development sees seven new buildings including student accommodation over 6.2 hectares of Honeysuckle land.

Construction commenced in April 2020 and the first building, Newcastle's School of Creative Industries and Integrated Innovation Network (I2N) Hub, opened in July 2021. It includes specialised spaces and technologies that enhance working and collaborative environments enriching teaching, learning, co-working and entrepreneurial experiences.

Developer: University of Newcastle

Status: No current works

Damian Burke
University of Newcastle
[email protected]

Project website

Horizon on the Harbour - Artist's Impression

45 Honeysuckle Drive

Miller Property Corporation is delivering 110 high quality architecturally designed residential apartments, 970m2 of ground floor retail, and two levels of basement car parking. HCCDC has delivered new public domain adjacent, which is part of the continuation of the harbourside promenade connecting the city to Wickham.

Developer: Miller Property Corporation

Status: Construction underway

Estimated completion: September 2023

Warwick Miller
Miller Property Corporation
0418 636 613 
[email protected]

Project website

Little National Hotel artist impression

42 Honeysuckle Drive

Doma’s Little National Hotel will cater for business, conference and leisure guests in the heart of the Honeysuckle precinct. The boutique hotel will feature 181 rooms, bar, gym, lounge and library facilities, with an adjoining 5,500m2 office building and parking.  

Developer: Doma Group

Status: Construction underway

Estimated completion: 2023

Chris Farrington
(02) 6260 7750
[email protected]

Project website

Project Map

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What work is currently underway at Honeysuckle?

HCCDC is undertaking essential infrastructure upgrades as part of a $55 million program to provide new public domain in the west end of Honeysuckle.

We're currently building new permanent accessible amenities and Honeysuckle Park and constructing the next stage of Honeysuckle's public domain alongside Cottage Creek. Both projects are due to wrap up in early 2023. More information is available on this page.


Will Throsby Car Park remain open?

The Throsby Car Park is temporary and will eventually close when the land is repurposed.


What other car parks are there in Newcastle?

There are 20 off-street parking stations in Newcastle city centre and many of them offer all day parking for reasonable fees. 

View the off-street parking guide for Newcastle city centre > 


What is the future of the remaining land in the west of Honeysuckle?

Of the remaining land held in Honeysuckle, more than one third is being transformed into high-quality public space, while the other land is zoned for mixed use and commercial development. This land is strategically located in Newcastle’s emerging west end CBD and close to the transport interchange. Visit our Honeysuckle HQ project page for more information.


What will happen to the Wickham School of Arts building?

The former Wickham School of Arts building has local heritage significance. The building is recognised within the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012. 

City of Newcastle approved our DA for repair works to the building, which commenced in October 2021. These works are now complete and included removing hazardous materials, removing non-heritage components, adding a new roof, and making the building watertight. The works will enable the building to be repurposed as part of the Honeysuckle HQ development.

We've asked potential developers to incorporate the building into their proposals, provide adaptive reuse and run a design competition for the inclusion of public space adjacent to the building.


What’s the best way for me to stay informed of changes in Honeysuckle?

To keep informed about what's changing in Honeysuckle:


Who can I speak to if I’d like more information?

If you have any questions about Honeysuckle, please contact HCCDC via phone or email and your query will be directed to the relevant project manager.

T:  +61 2 4904 2750    
E:  [email protected]

Works Notifications

06.10.22   Cottage Creek North East works commence
14.09.22   Honeysuckle Park permanent amenities works update
25.07.22   Honeysuckle Park permanent amenities work
29.04.22   Worth Place service investigations
25.02.22     Former Wickham School of Arts works update
14.01.22   Former Wickham School of Arts works update
21.12.21   Honeysuckle Park temporary toilets
17.12.21   Promenade and Cottage Creek works update
24.11.21   Former Wickham School of Arts works update
20.10.21   Former Wickham School of Arts works commence
11.10.10   Promenade and Cottage Creek works commence
07.05.21   Notice of footpath closure
19.03.21   Temporary footpath closure
12.03.21   Temporary footpath closure
20.01.21   Temporary road and car park closures 
15.12.20   Site shutdown over holidays
15.12.20   Extension of footpath closure: Honeysuckle Park works
09.12.20   Traffic Diversions: December
03.12.20   Temporary footpath closure: Honeysuckle Park works
18.11.20   Footpath closed for electrical works
18.10.20   Temporary footpath closure: Honeysuckle Park works
23.10.20   Start of work: Honeysuckle Park
11.05.20   Sewer works: 18-26 May
03.04.20   Cottage Creek bridge works
20.03.20   Temporary traffic diversion
11.03.20   Night Work
28.02.20   Start of work: Honeysuckle Drive upgrade
11.05.19   Harbour Square water feature upgrade
12.04.19   Changes to footpaths and walkways: Seawall works commence
01.11.18   Lee Wharf A, Seawall upgrades and Harbour Square boat dock


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