Cockle Creek Precinct

Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) owns the land formerly occupied by the Cockle Creek lead and zinc smelter at Boolaroo near Lake Macquarie.

A new direction to enable growth

In August 2019, Parliament supported legislation to transfer lands into Government ownership. This action guarantees the ongoing environmental management of the site into perpetuity and will help unlock economic and community outcomes for the region.

HCCDC’s role is to manage the land and its future development as a commercial, industrial and housing centre in the region.

We are working with Government’s Waste Assets Management Corporation (WAMC), who are managing the environmental requirements of the land with regulatory oversight from the NSW Environment Protection Authority.


Cockle Creek Precinct

*See detailed precinct map below


Greater Newcastle Metro Plan

New opportunities for jobs,
housing and economic benefit

As the land owners, we are working closely with interested and future stakeholders to realise the economic and social opportunities for the area.

This includes working with companies such as Green Capital Group as permitted by the Lake Macquarie Smelter Site (Perpetual Care of Land) Act 2019 as they were in negotiations before the Act commenced.

We are liaising with companies including Costco to establish potential economic opportunities. We also work closely with a number of government departments including Transport for NSW, Department of Planning and Environment and the EPA as well as Lake Macquarie City Council who is playing an active role in the precinct’s revitalisation.

Lake Macquarie City Council recently completed work on the extension of Munibung Road connecting Booloaroo to Cardiff to facilitate the development of more than 800 new homes and 20 hectares of commercial land.

The Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan identifies the site as part of the strategic gateway to Greater Newcastle.

The Munibung Precinct is earmarked for urban renewal through increased housing density and mixed use including large format retail and office uses.

The Metro Plan has targets for 1800 new jobs and 3700 new dwellings by 2036.

Proposed Rezoning of the land

A Planning Proposal to amend the Lake Macquarie Local Environmental Plan 2014 (LMLEP 2014) is currently under assessment. This applies to remediated land within the former Pasminco Cockle Creek Smelter site at Boolaroo.

The Proposal seeks to rezone approximately 20 ha of land to enable specialised retail premises and other commercial uses. It also seeks to establish a suitable interface between the proposed business zones and the adjacent residential zone. 

The land is to be rezoned from R2 Low Density Residential, R3 Medium Density Residential and B4 Mixed Use to B7 Business Park and B4 Mixed Use.

Managing the environmental needs into the future

The site includes a large containment cell, covering 20 hectares, which has been created to contain the contaminated materials in accordance with EPA requirements.

The containment cell and a water treatment plant require regular monitoring and maintenance. Other environmental protection areas, such as Munibung Hill, need general maintenance, including controlling vegetation.

Future land sale proceeds will be used to establish the Containment Cell Perpetual Care Fund to go towards the cost of managing the land, including the monitoring, maintenance and repair of the containment cell and other environmental protection infrastructure for the long term.


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Cockle Creek Precinct

Factsheets and resources:

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