Honeysuckle HQ

As part of Placemaking NSW, HCCDC is committed to continuing to create great places in Honeysuckle and we are excited about the ongoing transformation of this significant precinct. 

HCCDC is seeking an experienced development partner to deliver our vision to transform final Honeysuckle lands into an enviable and vibrant destination where the new CBD meets the waterfront. 

Honeysuckle HQ aims to become a magnetic destination with quality connections that focuses on community, new economy and excellence, while enhancing the natural environment and local heritage. 

Community input through the Honeysuckle Ideas engagement program guides the approach to finding an experienced and highly motivated development partner to create Honeysuckle’s pinnacle offering. 

Honeysuckle HQ Rooftop Bar

Honeysuckle HQ Promenade


Honeysuckle HQ includes two parcels of land, Honeysuckle Quays located on the waterfront and Honeysuckle Quarter which is immediately adjacent to the light rail stabling area.

This is the first of two stages to determine the final future use of the lands.  

A two stage process will aim to find a successful development partner, starting with a Registrations of Interest process to gather market feedback, before the curation and launch of a Call for Proposals process in 2022. 

The opportunity

Honeysuckle HQ represents the final lands to be transformed in Honeysuckle and is located at the western end of the precinct, adjacent to the Newcastle Interchange.  

To participate in the registrations of interest process contact Colliers International.

View the FAQ's for a list of common questions and answers about the project     

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Honeysuckle HQ Laneway

Honeysuckle Quays  

The last remaining waterfront development site, Honeysuckle Quays, is located on the northern side of Honeysuckle Drive, at the Hannell Street intersection, within the Honeysuckle precinct of the Newcastle CBD. 

B4 Mixed Use under the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012  

Zoning objectives:

  • To provide a mixture of compatible land uses. 
  • To integrate suitable business, office, residential, retail, and other development in accessible locations to maximise public transport patronage and encourage walking and cycling. 
  • To support nearby or adjacent commercial centres without adversely impacting on the viability of those centres. 

Honeysuckle Quarter 

The gateway development site, Honeysuckle Quarter, is located on the southern side of Honeysuckle Drive, at the Hannell Street intersection, within the Honeysuckle precinct of the Newcastle CBD. 

B3 Commercial Core under the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012 

Zoning objectives:
To provide a wide range of retail, business, office, entertainment, community, and other suitable land uses that serve the needs of the community.

  • To encourage appropriate employment opportunities in accessible locations. 
  • To maximise public transport patronage and encourage walking and cycling. 
  • To provide for commercial floor space within a mixed-use development. 
  • To strengthen the role of the Newcastle City Centre as the regional business, retail, and cultural centre of the Hunter region. 
  • To provide for the retention and creation of view corridors. 

Public Domain

The remaining lands also features public domain, which will be transformed by HCCDC in line with the Honeysuckle Public Domain Concept Plan. 

The planning controls for the site are overseen by City of Newcastle. 

Honeysuckle HQ Waterfront

Community engagement

In 2020, we invited the community to share their ideas and aspirations for how the final development of Honeysuckle lands should emerge, with a special focus on socialeconomic and environmental outcomes.

The final three hectares of land has the potential to transform Honeysuckle West into an iconic gateway to the city as the future CBD, and the community identified bold and ambitious objectives that will guide the future divestment of the Throsby and Wickham land parcels.

Honeysuckle Ideas:

Wickham School of Arts

The former Wickham School of Arts building sits within the final Honeysuckle lands earmarked for future divestment. HCCDC purchased the building from City of Newcastle in 2008. The building currently has high levels of hazardous materials and is not safe for community access or use in its present form.

The building is listed in the Newcastle Local Environment Plan (LEP) as a heritage item with local significance. 

City of Newcastle Council recently approved our DA for repair works to the former Wickham School of Arts building. These works will include removing hazardous materials, removing non-heritage components, adding a new roof, and making the building water-tight until a future use is known.

These works will help improve the viability of the building for a potential future use as we progress plans for divestment. 

For more information:

To participate in the registrations of interest process, please contact Colliers International:

Peter Macadam
National Director, Newcastle
[email protected]
0402 074 159  |  02 6225 7313

Paul Powderly
National Director, Government Services
[email protected]
0413 122 877  |  02 4915 4020

We are continuing the significant urban transformation of the Honeysuckle precinct and Honeysuckle HQ represents the final revitalisation of former maritime and industrial lands into a landmark and mixed-use destination that will anchor the city’s enviable waterfront to the emerging CBD.

Q: What land does Honeysuckle HQ comprise?

A: Honeysuckle HQ is 3.28ha of land located at the western end of the Honeysuckle Precinct, immediately adjacent to the multi-modal Newcastle Interchange.

Honeysuckle HQ is strategically located in the future CBD and its sites, Honeysuckle Quarter and Honeysuckle Quays, will strive to deliver high quality architecture and design outcomes that incorporate accessible and dynamic day and night offerings, while enhancing the city’s cultural, social and economic objectives.

Is Government selling the land? 

A.  Government is seeking a development partner that has experience in delivering quality placemaking and design outcomes to create a waterfront destination where people want to be.  The ROI is the first of a two stage process.

Q.  What is a ROI (Registration of Interest)? 

A.  The ROI is the first stage in a two stage process.

In this first stage, we are telling the development industry what our intentions are - that we want a high-quality outcome that reflects the site’s unique location within Newcastle’s emerging waterfront CBD. 

Importantly, the ROI is an opportunity for the development industry to provide feedback on our vision for the site.

We will consider that feedback prior to releasing a final Call for Proposals (CFP) in 2022. That will be a competitive process where industry submits its plans for the site. 

Q: How much of the land will be dedicated to public green space?

A.  HCCDC has set aside $25million and two hectares of harbourside land for community spaces including a waterfront promenade, two new parks and Cottage Creek’s naturalisation and greening. HCCDC delivered the first of these parks – Honeysuckle Park in July 2021.  

The Honeysuckle Public Domain Plan, developed in conjunction with community and stakeholders, provides a blueprint for this space. The public spaces will integrate and connect with the surrounding parks and promenade. 

Green space will surround the Honeysuckle HQ precinct. What the space looks like within the Honeysuckle HQ precinct is unknown, we are in the very first part of the process which is requesting registrations of interest for the remaining land. This will be followed by a more detailed call for proposals process.   

Q.  What social, environmental, and economic factors will be included in this development? 

A.    Honeysuckle HQ presents an opportunity to set new sustainability benchmarks for the region. We have identified four sustainability areas that have the most potential to deliver significant benefits:  Climate Change; Energy and Carbon; Water and Biodiversity. 

Q.  Can the site be sub-divided into smaller sites?  

A.  Industry will be asked to submit their plans for the site as part of a competitive process during the second stage. Those plans will include a well-considered masterplan for the entire site, guiding all future development. 

Given the scale of the site, we expect a masterplan to be delivered in a staged manner, requiring future subdivision of the site. 

Q.  How will you ensure a quality outcome? 

A.  HCCDC is working closely with the NSW Government Architect on development guidelines that will ensure design excellence is achieved. 

We have also established a place vision, objectives and place priorities, which will work to guide a superior outcome that is appropriate for the future CBD on the waterfront, while also supporting the expectations of the community.

The two stage process is also a way for us to ensure a quality and considered outcome.

Q. What is the planning and approvals pathway? 

A.  Due to the size and scale of Honeysuckle, future site approvals are expected to be assessed by Department of Planning as State Significant Development 

Q. How long will a planning and approvals process take before we see an outcome for the Honeysuckle HQ site? 

A.  We will take the time needed to ensure we find the best development partner to deliver a great outcome on this site.

We expect to announce the successful partner in 2023, after which they will finalise the site masterplan and seek approvals. We expect it will take three to four years before we see building construction.